Furniture Guardian Angel


So, last night I finally accepted the notion that my office really needed a new sofa and love seat.  We needed to update the old hand me downs from the 1970′s clinic where Rebecca and I once worked.  By the way, this furniture was donated to me back then.

Rebecca had long been encouraging me to upgrade these old pieces.  The tattered, broken down relics were even receiving complaints from my clients who sat in them but sometimes had a difficult time getting up from them.

We went to Art Van Furniture and purchased a sofa on sale and a love seat on clearance.  Because the love seat was on clearance, and was a floor sample, we had to agree to pick it up ourselves.  We proceeded home to get our old van, pumped up the tires, all almost flat, and picked up the love seat.  By the time we got to Inner Wisdom it was getting late and was dark outside.  As we struggled to get the clunky piece of furniture to fit through the narrow front door of this old 1800′s house, we got stuck.

Even though I unscrewed the legs off, it wasn’t fitting.  Just as we were stymied, a male voice rang out from the seldom used, now dark sidewalk.  ”Do you need some help?  I move furniture for a living and live just down the street.”  He was there in a few steps, expediting the passage into the waiting room and was just as quickly gone.  There was no introduction or pleasantries exchanged.  ”Thanks” and he disappeared into the night from whence he came.

After my hyperfocus on the task subsided, Rebecca and I finished arranging the new furniture and new area rug.   I then realized how much of an upgrade the new rug and furniture provided to the space.  I had been so resistive to gracing the office with decent furniture.

The synchronistic experience of the Furniture Guardian Angel’s appearance moved me to text my daughter Jill in Colorado, who recently has been sharing her renewed commitment to “trust the Force” in her life as a central guiding principal.  I thought my Guardian Angel moment might help to strengthen her quest for a stronger faith in the benevolence of the Universe.  These reminders, I believe, happen to help all of us to trust what we can’t see, but yet we sense.

This is what Jill texted back to me;  ”You know why that furniture guy came by…you finally felt you were worthy of nice furniture..walking truer to yourself…this path always leads to abundance.”

I texted back;  ”The student teaches the teacher.  So!”  She responded with “Yes Grasshopper.”

Thank you to all the various Guardian Angels amongst us that are the conduit of God’s Grace to us all.


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