He Has Risen


He Has Risen

   Today is Easter Sunday and we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus the Christ.  I view Jesus as the man born with a knowing of his divinity or connection with Christ Consciousness that he came to Earth to awaken in all of us.  I believe he came to help all of us Two Leggeds to come to be Resurrected from our ignorance.  The ignorance of our true nature as Divine, like Jesus knew his identity as Divine.

   Easter is a day to commemorate Jesus’s gift to us all that we too can become Enlightened.  We can come to an awareness that we are already part of the Divine Conscious Energy that makes up the whole Universe.  As my Guru, Baba Muktananda taught, “You have nothing to attain, only to realize”.

   This owning of our true nature as God frees us from the sense of separation from God that in my mind is the real cause of all our fear and suffering on this Earth.

   May all of us come to the conscious recognition of His ever abiding presense.

   Peace be with you.