About Inner Wisdom

Inner Wisdom Counseling P.C.Welcome to the Inner Wisdom Counseling P.C. website. Inner Wisdom is the place where I do my counseling/psychotherapy, as a solo practice. It is both a corporate entity called an S corporation and also an old house built in the 1800’s where people come for help. I purposely set this old house up as a warm and welcoming place to meet with my clients instead of a sterile, clinical setting. It is like coming to see me in a home, even though I don’t live at Inner Wisdom. Most folks find they feel comfortable in this old blue house.

My Thoughts

He Has Risen


He Has Risen    Today is Easter Sunday and we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus the Christ.  I view Jesus as the man born with a knowing of his divinity or connection with Christ Consciousness that he came to Earth to awaken in all of us.  I believe he came to help all of us [...]